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Types of Cleanses

How it all comes together.
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Choosing the right cleanse

My products can be combined for the duration that suits your body.

Why do juice cleanses work?

Fresh cold pressed juice introduces live enzymes and a wealth of health building nutrients directly to the bloodstream.

Juicing provides a greater opportunity for more nutrient absorption because when all the fiber is removed from the juice, the gut doesn’t have to work to digest the fiber therefore our digestive system gets a huge break.  Juicing allows us to consume larger amounts and a wider range of vegetables and fruits which is good for any body but especially good for a body that is nutrient deprived!

One third of our immune system is located in our digestive track and the key to a healthy body is a healthy gut.  One of the best ways of improving digestive health is adding  just the right amount of fruit and vegetables to your diet and we can accomplish this consuming fresh pressed juice.   In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables nourishes and arms the body with anti-cancer nutrients that will help fight off cancer cells along with flushing out toxins, lowering cholesterol and lowering blood sugar levels.

Which should I choose – a soup & juice combo cleanse, or just juice?

Both cleanses are designed to combat inflammation, heart disease, weight gain, fatigue and joint pain while promoting healthier skin, hair, reduced stress and improved memory. However, you may find that either the juice or juice & soup combo cleanse is a preferable choice for you at a particular time.

Juicing and juice cleanses are very popular – and quite appealing – in the spring and summer. During the winter months, a Detox Soup/Juice Combo Cleanse is  a soothing and comforting option.

In the colder months when our bodies crave warmth –  juice at every meal might feel a bit on the chilly side.  Detoxifying soups are a great winter addition to your cleanse. They are easy to digest, low on the glycemic index, nutrient dense, designed to eliminate toxins, and packed with fiber which helps keep you satiated.

A proper cleanse needs nutrients to support the detoxification systems and anti-mycrobials to kill the toxins. Key nutrients, antioxidants and fiber help the liver to create a healthy production of bile which is essential for eliminating toxins.

Soluble fiber sources such as lentils, chia seeds and carrots stimulates bile excretion and insoluble fiber sources such as zucchini, broccoli and dark leafy vegetables promote bowel movement and the elimination of toxins.

Fiber can also help lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, keep your blood sugar stable and assist in weight loss.

How long should I cleanse?

2 Day Cleanses

If you are trying a cleanse for the first time, a 2 day cleanse is a great start.  If you are looking to reset your state of health and begin to implement new and improved nutritional choices and habits this is the cleanse for you.

If you are on a 2 day self care getaway retreat, this is the perfect cleanse to help reset your health and well-being.

3 Day Cleanses

The 3 day cleanse is for those wanting to commit to an action plan to feel better.   For detoxification, increased nutrient intake, improved energy levels and possible weight loss a 3 day cleanse will lift you into a whole new space of well being.

Running on empty?  Think of removing the waste, and refueling your entire body with fresh clean new energy!  Your body will be doing the happy dance and thanking you!

5 Day Cleanses

The 5 day cleanse is ideal for those wanting to commit to plan that will promote weight loss, remove toxins, increase energy, increase clarity, boost vitality and achieve an overall improved state of health and well being.  If you have done a 2 or 3 day juice cleanse before and want to take it up a notch, this cleanse is for you. Give your body the gift of health – you absolutely deserve it!

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