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Your guide to cleansing

Let's answer some of those questions.

What will I receive?

You will be given a 6 x 16oz bottles for each day of your cleanse, for a total of 12 bottles on a 2 day cleanse, 18 bottles on a 3 day cleanse, and 30 for a 5 day cleanse. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible.

What do you consume in 1 day of the juice cleanse?

You’ll start your day with the smoothie. My smoothies all include a vegan protein source, such as spirulina or nut butter. This will help you feel satisfied with a filling drink to begin.

Next, you’ll consume the 4 juices throughout the day in the order of your preference.

You’ll end your day with an organic, homemade nut milk. I use cashews for their optimal healthy fat and protein content. The evening nut milk is crucial in keeping you full  through the night so that you don’t wake up hungry.

What do you consume in 1 day of the soup & juice cleanse?

You’ll still start your day with the smoothie, and be given 2 juices to drink throughout the day.

At lunch and dinner time, however, you will eat detoxifying soups.

You’ll still end your day with an organic, homemade nut milk to avoid waking up hungry.

How does cleansing work?

The 4 cleansing juices consist of fruits and vegetables. While both are important for detoxification and optimal nutrition, each ingredient plays an important role.

Green juice has an alkalizing effect while the fruit juice is more acidic. The acidity makes the fruit more astringent. Think of the fruit juices as digging up the waste, and the green juice as moving it out.

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