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Post Cleanse Tips

Congratulations you have completed your cleanse!!!  You may be feeling lighter, fresher, cleaner, clearer and more energized as a few possible results but remember, your digestive system has been on hiatus for several days now so giving it a heavy meal that is difficult to process at this point could lead to a wave of nausea and stomach cramps which is not how you want to be feeling on your first post-cleanse day!!!

Instead, let’s try to go easy and here are a few great tips to get you started…

Now is the time to be kind, gentle and gift yourself with the self-care you deserve!!!

I’m done my cleanse. What’s next?


Save the date

Dates are a great start. They help the body start its digestive process and are also high in Vitamin A and B6, folic acid, potassium , natural sodium, iron and magnesium thus eating dates are like taking a multivitamin.  Dates also contain large amount of dietary fibre which can prevent any constipation along with protecting the stomach and intestinal tract from parasites and bacteria.


Soft fruits for gentle reintroduction

Avocados and bananas are also a great option and consuming fruits with high water content such has melons, apples and pears are also good.  Be sure to pace yourself by not over stuffing and having a maximum of 1 cup of fruit every couple of hours and it’s important to chew your food very slowly as digestion begins in the mouth and when you chew your food, enzymes are released that ensure your stomach can more easily absorb the available nutrition.


Veggies are next up

Then introducing vegetables, soups and green salads for the next few days is still very gentle and after your first bowel movement you may want to begin to slowly introduce some healthy protein options such as nuts, nut butters, seeds, hummus, beans etc.


Be mindful

Treat this opportunity as your “clean slate” and why offer unhealthy foods and reverse some of the progress you have just made.  Enjoy each food for the nutrition it is flooding your body with and think of food as your medicine.   Whole foods and plant based options are loaded with nutrients and easiest for the body to digest.


H2O is your BFF

Continue to drink lots of water after your cleanse. You may want to consider introducing alkaline water into your daily routine .


Repeat after me: Nailed it!

You did it! You should be proud and embrace your new found clarity. If you’d like to share some of your experience with me, please comment on my Facebook page or contact me directly.

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