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Post Cleanse Tips

Congratulations you have completed your cleanse!!!  You may be feeling lighter, fresher, cleaner, clearer and more energized as a few possible results but remember, your digestive system has been on hiatus for several days now so giving it a heavy meal that is difficult to process at this point could lead to a wave of nausea and stomach cramps which is not how you want to be feeling on your first post-cleanse day!!!

Instead, let’s try to go easy and here are a few great tips to get you started…

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Preparing for a cleanse

There are a few things that are very important to consider before you begin your cleanse. If you don’t prepare properly you will feel hungrier and have more detox symptoms such as headaches, bloating, irritability and nausea which occur if a digestive system is not first properly prepared to transition from a dense diet to the light cleanse.

It’s like driving at full speed on the highway and then slamming on the brakes instead of slowing down gradually… this is much too jarring for your system but if instead you slowly tap on the brakes allowing for more time to gently slow down this transition is much smoother with far less discomfort.

So remember – the focus is on gradually transitioning from denser foods that require more digestion to lighter foods that will exit your system quicker. You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparing first so out of respect for your body gently carry yourself into this experience by training the digestive system to slowly transition into your cleanse.

Best way to stay clear of detox discomfort is to avoid extremes and your body will be thanking you!!!